Cloudless satellite images for a more sustainable agriculture

Cloudless satellite images for a more sustainable agriculture

Through radar technology and artificial intelligence, ClearSky Vision delivers a cloudless satellite imagery service for agriculture.

Today, many farmers use satellite imagery to get an overview of what treatment their fields need. However, the farmers often experience clouds in the pictures covering the fields, which means that they lack the necessary information to fertilize their fields in the best way. Therefore, there is a risk that the use of fertilizers and pesticides will increase and that damage from plant diseases is discovered too late.

ClearSky Vision wants to solve this problem with its cloudless satellite imagery service. Based on artificial intelligence and radar technology, the service detects and removes clouds from satellite images, replacing them with an accurate prediction of the ground underneath.
With the solution, ClearSky Vision can help farmers stay updated on their crops’ health and growth, and minimize food waste and the use of fertilizer and pesticides. Thus, contributing to a more sustainable direction for agriculture and a reduction in the climate impact.

ClearSky Vision is founded in March 2020 in Aalborg. The team behind founding the company is Morten Fjord Pedersen, CEO, and Malthe Dahl Jensen, CTO. The two founders have a vision about making earth observation depict the status quo more accurately, while making life better for people around the world.

ClearSky Vision’s cloudless satellite imagery service can, in addition, be used for monitoring natural disasters such as forest fires, and for ice maps in connection with navigation of ships. Furthermore, country borders do not limit the service, thus, opening a range of markets and industries with countless applications within agriculture, maritime, forestry, and urban monitoring.

ClearSky Vision has received support from the Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) through an InnoFounder Graduate grant. Open Entrepreneurship has assisted the team within business modeling and pitch training, and, furthermore, revised the written application for the IFD with a focus on highlighting the core product and business model.

In 2020, ClearSky Vision won the BayWa Smart Farming Challenge in the Copernicus Masters 2020. The price pays tribute to innovative solutions that use new technologies, ideas and products to support sustainable agriculture and horticulture.



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