Business Research Collaboration Creates Better Biological Wastewater Treatment

Business Research Collaboration Creates Better Biological Wastewater Treatment

Business research collaboration between Aalborg University and wastewater treatment experts at Danish Krüger A/S has matured AAU invention and created a more efficient wastewater treatment, even under difficult climate conditions in the Tropics.

The technology that builds on a patented invention from two AAU professors is a method to pacify one type of unwanted bacteria (glycogen-accumulated GAO) to give another desired one (polyphosphate-accumulating PAO) the optimal conditions to remove phosphor from the wastewater in cleaning plants. Generally, the GAO bacteria outperform PAO bacteria at temperatures above 20˚C, but the AAU researchers’ invention maximizes the cleaning plants’ existing control systems in a new way to shift the power balance to benefit PAO bacteria, even at high temperatures.

This has led to a business research collaboration between Aalborg University, water treatment experts at Danish Krüger A/S and its international parent company Veolia. Together, they have matured the AAU-invention and created a more efficient treatment, even under difficult conditions in the Tropics.

Veolia designs cleaning plants for tropic countries in the Middle East and Asia and works with solutions for good and reliable phosphor removal. Biological purification helps improve the CO2 score, reduces the expenses on chemicals and improves the phosphor extraction.

The Industrial Ph.D. has researched the area and made the technology even readier for practical use, thus enabling its usage on a global company level. The researcher has since been employed in a shared position between Aalborg University and Krüger A/S and gets the opportunity to follow the project through, among other things in a full-scale project in India and with more sustainable and commercial products following.



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