Results of Technology Transfer at AAU

Results of Technology Transfer at AAU

The Technology transfer Office focuses on transferring new technology to both private and public companies on commercial conditions. Technology transfer activities is an integrated and important part of the university’s effort to enhance the cooperation with the outside world through exchange and utilization of knowledge and technology.

The activities support AAU’s dedicated effort towards carrying out applied and business close research in order to facilitate result-oriented cooperation between companies and investors. Every year, the department receives and reports new inventions, and some of these end up as commercial technology transfers.

The statistics below provide i.a. an overview of the number of commercial technology transfers.

Overall statistics

In the graph below, the number of invention disclosures received in the period from 2009 to 2019 is depicted in relation to the number of commercial technology transfers in the same period at the Technology Transfer Office at Aalborg University.
The statistics have been compiled on the basis of the official statistics on the commercialization of research results, which are published annually by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education.

The number of commercial technology transfers covers the sum of licensing, sales and option agreements as well as the number of established spin-out companies.

The increase in commercial technology transfers from 2009 and onwards marks a change of strategy at Aalborg University, to dedicated staff for technology transfer, outsourcing of the entire commercial process to the university's own staff and limiting its own patenting to where it makes sense, commercially as well as strategically.

The table above shows the relationship between the number of commercialized inventions and every 1 billion DKK in basic funds for research. At Aalborg University, each DKK 1 billion in basic funds will thus give 65,4 commercialized inventions (in 2019).

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