Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of licenses that I can get?

The OIL programme introduces a two-step licensing process enabling you to try out technologies on non-commercial terms, before you sign on for a non-exclusive paid license for the technologies which fit your needs. Ready to sign license agreements are available online for each technology.

The TRY license, provides free, non-exclusive, non-commercial access to a specific technology for a pre-defined period, enabling the licensee to evaluate and try out the technology to validate its use in relation to the licensee's relevant need.

The BUY license provides a non-exclusive, commercial license to a specific technology, at a fixed payment per year. This license can of course be signed directly at any time, but always has to be signed before the TRY license automatically lapses at the end of the evaluation period. That is, unless the Licensee actively chooses to sign a BUY license when the trial expires, any and all rights to use the technology dissapear.

HOW can i purchase a different type of license?

To the extent that no other non-exclusive licensees exist within the a particular area, users who have acquired a commercial license can negotiate an upgrade to, for example, add exclusivity within a specific field. This can be done by sending an e-mail to our team and further discussing the details of a new collaboration agreement.

How do I license a technology?

  1. Download the ready to sign license from the presentation page of the desired technology.
  2. Fill out, sign and return to
  3. When the license has been accepted, Aalborg University will provide you with a documentation package on the technology, including contact to the inventor(s), to secure you the best possible opportunity to implement the technology successfully.

Who owns the IPR of inventions or software that I develop based on the licensed technology?

The licensee owns the IPR for any product developed using the technology licensed from OIL. 

How does a technology request work?

In the case where a technology you encounter on OIL does not exactly fit your need, you can send a message to our team, describing the exact license you are looking for. This way, we'll know to contact you when it becomes available for licensing.