Commercial Funding

Commercial Funding

The Technology Transfer Office at Aalborg University will gladly assist you with your application towards public danish commercial funding opportunities.

The following have a focus on the Innovation Fund Denmarks InnoExplorer and InnoFounder - Experienced as they both require a commercial perspective. In addition the InnoExplorer application have to be made in cooperation with the Technology Transfer Office.


InnoExplorer is a new limited funding opportunity starting from 2019 and it is administrated by the Innovation Fund Denmark.

The InnoExplorer's main objective is to mature research-based knowledge and technologies, developed at the public research institutions, with a goal to increase the knowledgebased spin-out companies based upon these.

InnoExplorer funding can be used for:

  • Validation of research results.
  • Validation of potential applcation areas and its commercial perspective.
  • Prototype testing.
  • Development of teams and partnerships towards furthering of business potential.
  • Commercialization of results and marketvalidation.


InnoExplorer have a limit amount of applications per year per public research institution and needs a letter of support from the local technology transfer office to apply.  Without this letter of support the application will per default be rejected. 


The actual application needs to be made In collaboration with AAU Technology Transfer Office. 

AAU Technology Transfer Office will assist and support making an application with clarification and with a strong valid argumentation covering:

  • The description of idea or solution and the results that are the basis of the project
  • Project description - activities and milestones, including a detailed description of the activities that are part of a market clarification and a technological maturation with a view to reducing the project's risk profile.
  • Business potential - what is the market and value proposition for the solution, what is the expected need for the solution, as well as the competition picture
  • Commercialization strategy - what is the plan for bringing the solution further into the development process and ultimately on the market, especially with a focus on what needs to be done when the project is completed. 
  • Team - competencies and experiences of the people who need to work on the project and possibly. is associated, including which and when the needed competencies are critical.


- Application itself. 
- Letter of Support from Technology Transfer Office.
- Budget for application.

For more information about InnoExplorer, please click here.

InnoFounder - Experienced

InnoFounder - Experienced is relevant for you who have an innovative business idea based on significant research and/or work experience.

The application is asseted by the following paramters:


  • Innovative scope: It should be clear how the business idea builds on innovative solutions, knowledge, or technology.
  • Competition: It should be clear how the business idea or its implementation differ from competing products or services.

Value creation and business potential

  • Market potential: There should be clear indications that the business idea may find users and a market.
  • Market penetration: It should be clear how the business idea can find its way to the market.
  • Finances: It should be clear how a sustainable business model may be established in the long term.
  • Value creation: The business idea should have the potential to create value for society either through economic growth or by solving actual societal challenges.


  • Clarity: It should be clear what the business idea is about.
  • Feasibility: There should be clear indications that the business idea can be put into practice.
  • Team: The team behind the business idea should have the relevant competences for implementing the idea.

Continued development

  • Development: There should be clear indications that an InnoFounder programme can take the idea to a level where it can be further developed within the framework of a business set-up, possibly with the help of external capital. Additionally it is considered positive if the investment from InnoFounder can contribute towards generating additional funding needed to implement the innovative business idea. 

InnoFounder lasts 12 months and offers:

- A monthly grant of DKK 30,000 per person in the team (up to 3 persons in a team).
- A special grant of DKK 100.000 to support the development of your business idea.

Who can apply to become part of the InnoFounder – experienced?

You can apply for InnoFounder if you have extensive professional and/or research experience, which provides a solid basis for your idea and its development. As an example, this means that you should have extensive industry knowledge and market understanding. You should furthermore be able to describe how your experience is relevant for your idea.

For more information about InnoFounder Experienced, please click here.

Funding opportunities for innovation

Besides the InnoExplorer and InnoFounder - Experienced programs, there are other public Danish commercial funding opportunities. The following is a description of those organisations that offer commercial funding in Denmark.


Accelerace is one of the world's leading business accelerators. They help spin-out companies with mentoring, training and investments. Read more

European Union

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research and innovation programme ever made. With nearly 80 billion euros of funding avaiable over 7 years (from 2014 to 2020) The Programme is open to everyone, with a simple structure that reduces red tape and time so participants can focus on what is really important. This approach makes sure new projects get off the ground quickly – and achieve results faster. Read more

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innovation fund denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark creates a framework for entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses so they can develop innovative and viable solutions to society’s challenges. Read more


Through the InnoBooster program, Innovation Fund Denmark invests i development projects driven by small and medium-sized companies with up to 250 employees (SMV), entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial researchers who has a CVR-number. Read more

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innofounder graduate

InnoFounder is a 12 month long programme med the purpose to accelerate the development of your entrepreneurial idea from the early phases to a stage, where you are ready to go to market og find investments. The programme is open to all subject areas as long as the idea is innovative and as the potential to create a sustainable business. Read more  

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Grand Solutions

Grand Solutions is targeted towards collaborative projects based on excellent research with a sharp focus on solutions of great value for the danish society. On the basis of the challenges and innovation needs of society and  the businesses, Grand Solutions gives an opportunity to establish transverse investments in institutions of knowledge and both private and public sector companies. Read more

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Industrial Researcher (Industrial PhD)

An industrial PhD is a three-year long vocational research-project and PhD-education. The project is accomplished through a collaboration between a company, an Industrial PhD candidate and a university. An Industrial PhD-student is employed with salary in the private company og enrolled at the university. The student shares his/her time between the company and the university, and uses all of his/her time on the Industrial PhD-project. Read more

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Lundbeck foundation

The Lundbeck Foundation distributes approximately 500 mio. DKK yearly, to research that is based in Denmark within the health sciences. It primarily focuses on the brain. This represents the foundation for the vision of the fund to create better lives through new knowledge. Read More

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The Lundbeck Foundation Emerge focuses on early investments and supports commercialization of groundbreaking science within biotec though investment and active interaction. Read more

Novo Nordisk Foundation

BII Proof of Concept

The Proof of Concept (PoC) programme is for researchers whose next step is to establish their project’s preliminary proof of concept. Only projects intended to lead to the development of new products or applications. Read more

BII Acceleration Academy

BII Acceleration Academy supports new Danish research- and innovation companies who has achieved technical proof of concept. The programme supports early life-science companies med a danish CVR-number who has a clear commercial focus and ambitions to get new inventions within bio-medicine, medicinal technology and bio-technology on the market. Read more

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BII Creation House

BII Creation House supports Danish life-science start-ups who builds on a scientific idea or technology and has achieved technical proof of concept. The purpose of the investments is to accelerate the development of new products or services that has a commercial potential within bio-medicine, medicinal technology and bio-technology. Read more

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Exploratory Pre-Seed

Bi-annually. The Exploratory Pre-seed Programme is a stimulus fund established to accelerate commercialization of biomedical research findings and development of novel technologies within the life sciences. Read More

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