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Open Entrepreneurship


Open Entrepreneurship (OE) is a Danish initiative aiming to bridge the gap between the academic world and the industry. We aim to turn research into a sustainable business!

At OE, we aim to capture the value through an action-oriented approach by connecting experienced entrepreneurs with researchers very early on to explore commercial and innovative opportunities. Studies have shown that matching research teams with experienced and external entrepreneurs creates more sustainable businesses. This approach catalyzes the research and knowledge into products or processes that generates value to the society.

OE for researchers

The process of making your great ideas, technology or knowledge benefit the society, may seem to be difficult as a researcher. At OE, we want to help bring more value out of your research and to bring your ideas to life. We will facilitate this process by highlighting the important aspects and resources that is required to take it forward. Together we will create the right team to ensure that your science and knowledge can contribute to a greater impact on society.

OE for entrepreneurs

Experienced entrepreneurs are essential for creating a successful sustainable business. Your experience, skills and knowledge are valuable for guiding the immature research-based start-ups towards the right direction. If you are interested in capturing the newest research and technology and want to guide upcoming entrepreneurs – we have researchers and cases in need of your expertise.  

OE for students

New insight and different competences can help bring valuable perspectives on the innovative potential of the research-based cases. Creating the right team is key for making a sustainable business. Are you a student, interested in entrepreneurship and/or want to be a part of research-based start-up, we have cases that could benefit from your competences and bright brains. In addition, you will gain more insight into business development and improve your knowledge and network.

OE for companies

We aim to create a better collaboration and to establish more partnerships between your company and the university. If your company is technology and development-oriented, you may benefit with a scientific approach to your products. We have the researchers with great insight and innovative ideas that can bring more value to your company. Our researchers are looking for partners to improve their commercial value and to bring it closer to the market. Together we can create mutual value.


In order to boost awareness of entrepreneurship, to provide hands-on-experience with business development and to improve collaborations, OE are hosting different events.



PRIOR events:


The aim of the conference is to bring researchers and industry together and  create a foundation for mutual knowledge sharing and future collaborations like co-funding, spinouts and innovation.


  • September 19, 2018, we had a Seminar on Social entrepreneurship

The idea of this seminar was to boost awareness on how social entrepreneurship has become a valuable tool in solving social problems and to improve life quality across the globe. The seminar was open for all interested, and a mixture of students, researchers and industry representatives, participated, creating great discussions and networking.

  • september 20 - 21, 2018 The bootcamp on entrepreneurship

The general idea of the bootcamp is to provide new business perspective that could improve the innovative quality from the university. The vision is to create groups with various backgrounds and mindsets that together can challenge research-based cases for the better. At this bootcamp we had three very interesting research-based cases, and a team of students and researchers with bright brains to provide new valuable insight and perspectives on the products. As you can see here, the bootcamp turned out to be a success.



We are currently working with a number of research-based cases – here is a few examples. Feel free to contact us for more cases or information.  

Compact X-scissors device



The Technology

The Compact X-scissors Device (CXD) is a spherical scissors mechanism particularly well suited to support anatomical, spherical joints such as the shoulder and the hip. The CXD provides a compact solution that is wearable and is fully compatible with the anatomical shoulder joint workspace, solving a problem that has been haunting the fields of orthotics and exoskeletons for decades.

Get more information here or contact the OE team







The Technology:

Biogenity has developed a script that will allow for more efficient biomarker discovery by use of big data and advanced biostatistics. The script can make pattern discovery more sufficient and uncover additional biomarkers, thus providing more of the disease etiology to be revealed. This allows better grounds for selecting effective drug targets, hence potentially providing a tool for researchers and pharmaceutical companies to improve the development of pharmaceutical diagnostic tools and treatments options, while reducing costs.

Get more information here or contact the OE team


The Music Star

The Technology:

The Music Star is a non-pharmacological intervention aiming to improve mental health. The Music Star is a research-based new health application, consisting of playlists designed by music therapists according to the degree of stimuli. The Music Star has an appealing appearance, it is user-friendly and the varied selection of music is adequate for all adult clinical populations.

Get more information here (in Danish) or contact the OE team


Magnetic Lead Screw

The Technology:

The Linear Magnetic Actuator (LMA) is a compact, high force density linear magnetic actuator, consisting of a linear to rotary magnetic gear (MLS) integrated with a servo motor. The LMA has several benefits compared to the existing linear actuators such as a high efficiency with a minimum of wear, overload protection and is highly hygienic. The LMA can be used to deliver a linear movement or a damper which converts a linear movement to electric energy.

For more information, contact the OE team


Want to learn more?



Are you interested in learning more about OE, participate in our events or curious about our cases.

Please contact the OE Team: Gert Spender-Andersen (gsa@adm.aau.dk) or Mithula (misi@adm.aau.dk)