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Current Technologies

Current Technologies at the Technology Transfer Office

Aalborg University receives a number of inventions every year for commercialization. The below technologies are offered for licensing or technology transfer.

If you are interested in a specific technology, please contact the TTO Manager mentioned in the associated technology presentation.

Advanced Material and Technologies

CXD: Compact Joint for 3D Spherical Motion

Double U-Core SR Machine: Improved Switched Reluctance Technology

TurbuGrid: Improving Performance of Fuel Cells

Smart and Compact Supercooling of Power Electronics

Acoustic Based Condition Monitoring of Power Semiconductor Devices

Control Concept for Expandable Multi-Terminal HVDC Transmission Systems

Actuator System With Dual Chambers

PEM Fuel Cells: Control and Diagnosis

A Two-Terminal Active Capacitor Device

PN-Cell Based Converters: A New Circuit is Proposed

Flexible and Efficient Switched String Converter

E-Sense Power: A Non-Invasive Health Monitoring of Power Semiconductors

Contact the Technology Transfer Office

If you have any questions regarding Inventions and/or technologies from Aalborg University feel free to contact:

AAU’s Technology Transfer Office
Tlf.: 9940 9336 
E-mail: patent@adm.aau.dk

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