Results of Technology Transfer at AAU

The Technology Transfer Office focuses on transferring new technologies to the business community. Each year, the office receives a number of reports on new inventions and some of them end up as commercial technology transfers.

Results of Technology Transfer at AAU

The graph below shows the number of reports received during the 2000-2014 period in relation to the number of commercial technology transfers in the same period. The statistics are compiled on the basis of the official statistics on the commercialization of research results published annually by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The number of commercial technology transfers reflects the sum of license fees, sales and opposition agreements, as well as the number of spin-off companies established.

Increase in commercial technology transfers from 2006 onwards marks a change in strategy at Aalborg University to dedicated staff for technology transfer, insourcing of the entire commercial process to the university's own staff and limiting patenting to where it makes sense commercially as well as strategically.




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